"I have been prosecuting for 8 years now and I can see how prosecutors can “lose sight” of the ball."

- Scotty

Was amazed at your presentation this week, and then you answered your own phone…so the amazement continues. Just wanted to thank you for your presentation and the heart and soul you put into it. I have been prosecuting for 8 years now and I can see how prosecutors can “lose sight” of the ball. You were like a Baptist revival for me this week to keep plugging away.

- Scotty E. Chabert, Jr, ADA Louisiana

I kept thinking about XXXX’s case and whether I was too involved and should have more professional detachment. Now I realize, thanks to your training, that it is not about being too involved or needing professional detachment, it is about having “skin in the game”. Thank you, I needed to be reminded of that!

- A Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

Always enjoy listening to Jim. Very motivating.

Compelling presentation.

I can't see through my tears to type! Very powerful presentation. God Bless Jim Camp for sharing his personal story as well.

I concur with Vern's closing comments that this is a very powerful presentation. I do not believe that we can hear too many of these types of presentations.

I think everyone needs a reminder of why we do what we do. It was a great presentation and I for one would love to have him present in Michigan!

"A reminder all of us in the traffic safety business need to hear."

- Anonymous

Outstanding presentation. A reminder all of us in the traffic safety business need to hear. Thanks for putting this on.

Thanks for the effort. It is my hope I can get every officer in my Region to listen to and learn from this presentation.

I like the presenter’s honesty in letting everyone know their responsibilities to safety and the fact that he decided to challenge himself and fight for the right of someone who died unnecessarily.

Very moving and motivational.

You made them think, Jim, and we can’t do any better than that.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your time and commitment to making our Protecting Lives Saving Futures a great success! The manner in which you deliver your lecture holds the attention of everyone in the room. Your knowledge and wisdom a

Terry Wood and Linda Walls TSRPs

Really great job. Please have him teach the XXXXX State Troopers.

So funny and entertaining….

Great presentation with useful techniques for trial ad and good ideas for trial prep

Excellent. Should record the end about why our job is important so I can listen to it on bad days

Excellent speaker and instructor. Would be interested in learning more from Mr. Camp.

Very engaging – such presence!

Extremely approachable and realistic! He spoke to or in a way that we were easily able to understand and in a way that we could appreciate. Great balance between great, useful information and humor! I will absolutely remember this information because of how it was presented. There was no filler info – only helpful, pertinent info. Very well done. Can’t say enough great things. If I could give straight 10s I would.

"Made me think of strategies I had never thought of before."

- Anonymous

Great presentation, really amusing and interesting. Really experienced guy – cool to learn from him!

Terrific instructor – made me want to take my next DUI case to trial.

Excellent. Practical tips were incredibly helpful. He was very engaging. Made me think of strategies I had never thought of before.

Jim’s final lecture on “Skin in the game” was amazing and powerful. Incredible motivation

Jim Camp is inspiring

Your commitment and dedication to serving the public and others within public service is outstanding and so greatly appreciated. Your ability to present to a variety of groups and make the topic relevant to them, as well as reach them on a personal level, is something truly rare in a public speaker. You are one of a kind.

Thank you again for your contribution to our workshop during SOFT. The attendees gained so much knowledge from your presentation and really appreciated your dynamic delivery!

Amy Miles, Forensic Toxicology Section Director, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

“Dynamic, motivating, entertaining and REAL!"

- Chuck

You never let us down. No one ever forgets your presentations. “Do You Have Skin In The Game” is a show stopper. Dynamic, motivating, entertaining and REAL! There is never a dry eye in the house. I have witnessed it positively change and save careers. “Understand the mission, believe in the mission and look for reasons to say yes to accomplish the mission!”

Chuck DeWeese, Asst. Commissioner New York State DMV